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Royal Canadian Legion - #7 Britannia Branch (RCL #7)

Community Involvement

Through the efforts of our members RCL Britannia #7 is able to give back to our community.  Below are recent donations to various organizations that we have donated to in our desire to making our community better: 

Sandra Tucker presents a $5,000.00 cheque to Dave Sinclair, Past President of the South Vancouver Island Housing Society in support of Veterans House. (June 17, 2024)

"Located in beautiful Colwood, BC, Veterans House Victoria provides safe transitional housing and connection to services to help ex-military personnel integrate back into society. Peer-supported by volunteers and a live-in caretaker, this program connects Veterans with services such as benefits through Veterans Affairs Canada, career transition services, and military-trauma-informed counseling. Basics such as bus passes and food vouchers are supplied. When Veterans are ready, they are supported in finding permanent housing and are provided with furniture and household goods to make the transition."

Bruce Elliot presents a $3,500.00 cheque to Rod Hughes, President of the South Vancouver Island Housing Society in support of Legion Manor (June 17, 2024)

"Located on the beautiful Saanich Peninsula nestled on five acres of beautifully landscaped property in Central Saanich, Legion Manor Victoria is an attractive multi-tiered Retirement Community dedicated to offering comfortable, quality accommodation for veterans and seniors, 55 years of age and older."


Keith J. Yow presents a $2,000.00 cheque to Carrie Doyle, Scouts Canada (7th Juan De Fuca) Cub Scouts representative on behalf of the Cubs. (June 13, 2024)

The Cubs needed this financial help with their storage locker fees and the “new” custodian fee for gym rental where they hold their meetings.


A $1,000 donation to support the James Bay New Horizons - Food Services Program (June 13, 2024)

Britannia Legion's Irene Harrison is presenting our donation.

"James Bay New Horizons is a not-for-profit society that was established in 1974, operating as an activity centre in the neighbourhood community of James Bay in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

James Bay New Horizons provides accessible programs, services and volunteer opportunities to our members and to local residents in general. It is our goal to help people maintain, improve and develop new skills, interests and social opportunities, and to enhance the quality of life of our members and visitors."


A $3,000 donation to support the James Bay Community Project - Computer Literacy and Other Programs (June 13, 2024)

Britannia Legion's Irene Harrison is presenting our donation to Kaye Kennish, Executive Director and Elissa Bergman, Fundraiser.  

"The James Bay Community Project is a community centre which provides Family, Community and Volunteer Services. Our programs and services seek to enable connections and build resilience through a variety of programs and services for all ages. JBCP provides opportunities for volunteerism and participation in community life, and works in partnership with many other agencies and organizations. JBCP is a non-profit society (James Bay Health and Community Services Society), with a volunteer Board of Directors."

The Computer Literacy Program has helped over 150 seniors with their computer devices included phones, tablets and computers.  Our donation allows the Computer Literacy Program to continue serving the community.


A $2,000 donation to support Captain Liam Kenney on his Tour de Rock ride.(June 12, 2024)

What is Tour de Rock?

"The short answer is it’s a two-week, 1,200-kilometre bike ride for a team of first responders who raise money for children and their families affected by pediatric cancer. But it’s so much more than that. It’s the biggest community event on Vancouver Island and longest-running fundraiser in the province - unifying every community from Victoria to Port Alice as we rally together to support children who are impacted by cancer cancer.

Without you, we would just be a group of people riding bikes."

Britannia Legion wish Captain Kenney a wonderful bike ride and our donation to the Tour de Rock - Canadian Cancer Society is our away of supporting his efforts! 



"We do understand the importance of having a Legion Branch in the Esquimalt community. Our Royal Canadian Legion, Britannia #7 Branch membership decided to help another Legion Branch in need. The membership approved a $2000.00 donation to help Esquimalt Legion Branch #172 with their startup.”


The new Branch space is utilized for rentals and a gathering place for veteran groups and senior and youth organizations. It is their sole source of income for funding their objectives and goals.


The donation was well received by Ian Wiggs, Vice President #172 (left) and Jim Swanbeck, President #172 (right).  Keith Yow, President, of Royal Canadian Legion, Britannia 7 (centre) presented the cheque.  


Keep up the great work that provide for your Veterans and Esquimalt community!



Ashston Armoury Museum Donation

Donation presentation event to The Friends of Ashton Armour Museum presented by our Donations Chair, Sandra Tucker. 


The Ashton Armoury Museum, a 39 Service Battalion Regimental Museum, is located in the LGen E.C. Ashton Armoury, 724 Vanalman Ave, Victoria,  was established in 1994 to maintain, honour and promote the history of 11 Service Battalion, now 11 Company, 39 Service Battalion. The museum also honours the history and heritage of co-located Signal, Medical and Military Police units, and their Canadian Armed Forces Branches and predecessor Army Corps.

The museum portrays the history of these units and their respective branches and corps that have provided the support necessary to sustain combat forces on the field of battle and during peace time operations. They are, to borrow an old expression, the tinkers, tailors, butchers and  bakers of the Army.

The museum serves to connect serving soldiers with what their predecessors accomplished. For civilians who have not seen military service, the exhibits show how terrible war can be and how much is owed to those who endured it. It helps remind people that the freedoms we take for granted have sometimes been bought with blood, sweat and tears.

The museum is a secure, well-managed, appreciative repository for military and related memorabilia preserved and displayed for current and future generations. To be able to do this properly, we must store the majority of collections in artifact friendly storage facilities, protecting them from light, dust, excessive humidity and temperature, and handling. If you, a family member or friend has donated something to our Museums, and you do not see it on display, chances are it is being held in storage for future generations to learn from and enjoy. Even exhibiting a uniform for a few months will damage the fragile textile, and fade the brilliant colors found on most military uniforms.

The museum has a total of 15 vehicles in its collection, 11 which can be seen in action around town, during parades and at the annual Fort Rodd Hill’s Military Encampment. It also has thousands of artifacts from past conflicts and peacekeeping operations, including the Zulu War of the 19th century, the First and Second World Wars, Korean War and numerous United Nations’ peacekeeping operations.

Located in a working armoury, the museum’s displays are spread throughout the building, with some of the vehicles parked outside. From a World War 1 trench dug-out  to mannequins displaying uniforms from many eras, to memorabilia from various peace-keeping operations, the collection gives a good overview of the work of those personnel who supported the fighting soldiers.


Donation to Cycling without Age

Donation presentation to Cycling Without Age Society by our Donations Chair, Sandra Tucker.  

Cycling Without Age Society (CWAS) is a volunteer-run charity providing FREE cycle rides to those with limited physical or mental abilities in our community. Based in beautiful Sidney, BC, Canada we currently serve the Sidney and North Saanich areas with plans to extend into Central Saanich.  CWAS offers up to one-hour rides in the community on quiet streets and pathways.  CWAS has a very successful school program and service several Extended Care Homes in the Sidney area.  Our services are provided daily, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

CWAS aspires to:

  • Help end social isolation.
  • Bring joy to family members.
  • Nurture intergenerational relationships.
  • Promote community and active citizenship


Tony Previte - 103 Years Yound

At 103 years young, Tony Previte has a century of experiences to share. Born in England, Tony grew up in the Surrey County region. His father was Director of Previte & Company which imported asphalt. “I remember riding by pony cart to meet my father who would be returning home from work in London.” He had a happy childhood ... although he says did not like school.

“There was hope I would go to university, but I didn’t like school.” Tony did, however, with the influence of his mom taking him to the theatre, have a love of the arts. Accepted into the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, he was there for two years when WWII started. “I got my calling-up papers for the Army.” Tony was enlisted with the Royal Corps of Signals, and on his 21st birthday arrived in East Africa.



Trained as a Morse Code Operator he spent time in Nairobi between 1940 and 1942. He is very quick to downplay his role during the war, “I didn’t really see any action.” He remembers the Italians had all but surrendered. Appointed to the British Somaliland Camel Corps when it was refounded in 1941, Tony remembers the Italian prisoners had it very easy. “The numbers of Italian Solders captured and detained in the camps would seemingly grow overnight. The Italians would check themselves into the camp!” 


Tony recalls the heat from his time in Berbera, the capital of the Sahel region of Somaliland. One of his jobs was to record the temperature each day in a log book. One day he recorded a temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit, with a humidity of 95%. “We all wore shorts and a towel. It was hot and very uncomfortable!”


Following the war, and back in England, Tony returned to the stage with repertory theatre. His first acting job was Henley-on-Thames. Realizing he wasn’t going to make it as an actor, Tony switched career paths and was hired as a professional photographer for a company called Poly Photo, taking professional headshots.

Tony has two daughters, one of whom moved to British Columbia. In 1986, he was convinced to move to Canada to be closer to his grandchildren. Settling in Vancouver, Tony got a job at the Vancouver Academy of Music where he ran the gift shop, which was later downsized to a candy shop. A favourite with students and staff, Tony worked there until his retirement at 99 years old. 



Adored by staff and students at the Vancouver Academy of Music, Tony served up smiles and sweets for over 32 years, retiring from the academy at 99 years old.

Tony and his great-granddaughter Rosie.

Tony moved to Salt Spring Island to live with his daughter and her family in 2019. “I do miss living there, but with my vision going I knew I needed more care and it wasn't fair to have them watch me all the time”. This past March, needing additional care for day-to-day living, Tony moved to Veterans Memorial Lodge. 


Like all Canadian veterans, Tony gave up so much so that we can enjoy the freedoms we have today, and now it’s our privilege to support them.


2136 Canadian Scottish Regiment Army Cadet Corp.


Irene Harrison and President Keith Yow presented a donation to Captain Devlin who accepted on behalf of 2136 Canadian Scottish Regiment Army Cadet Corps at their parade on Thursday night at 7 pm on April 27, 2023. 

As a Service Group, RCL Britannia #7 raises funds to donate to the community at large. One of the recipients of our donations is the 2136 Canadian Scottish Regiment Army Cadet Corp.

The 2136 is a youth program for those 12-18 years of age interested in leadership and citizenship, improving their physical fitness, and learning about the Canadian Forces. 

2483 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

As a Service Group, RCL Britannia #7 raises funds to donate to the local community at large.  One of the recipients of our donations is Captain Rachel Lafitte-Commanding Officer of 2483 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.

This is what they do to make our community a better place!

"Welcome to the 2483 Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps.  We are a free program for youth aged 12-18.

The corps is located at CFB Work Point at the Nixon Gym in Esquimalt and parades weekly on Tuesday, September to June, from 1815 – 2100 (6:15 – 9 PM). Directions to the building can be found here.

Activities include band, marksmanship, orienteering, expedition, and much more!

To inquire about joining our corps – please contact us so we can set up an orientation meeting for the youth and their parents/guardians. You can join any Tuesday we are active (please see our Upcoming activities tab) and can sign up electronically or in-person at the unit.

Please call 778-584-8644 (Captain Rachel Lafitte – Commanding Officer) or email &"


The Bill Mudge House Community Living Support

Keith J. Yow, President, RCL Britannia #7 Legion, presented a donation cheque to the Bill Mudge House Community Living Support. 


The Laren Society: Journey from Inside Out is a non-profit organization working within the criminal justice system since 1988 helping people make a successful transition from “prison” to a responsible life in the community. As part of the Society’s commitment to public safety, it manages the Bill Mudge House situated in Victoria, British Columbia. The staff team provides community living support and supervision to up to seventeen men in transition back to community.

Our program is focused on public safety and addressing the factors that contribute to crime through harm reduction strategies. The men that have come to live here over the years have experienced a time of healing and growth. Their successful re-integration equates to lower crime rates, fewer victims and safer communities.

Giving to our cause is a long-term investment in public safety. 

Threshold Housing Society

Keith J. Yow, President, RCL Britannia #7 Legion, presented a donation cheque to Shannon W. of Threshold Housing Society at our Britannia #7 Easter Lunch on April 12, 2023.

Threshold Housing Society prevents adult homelessness by providing safe housing, support services, and community to at-risk youth, aged 15-24 years old. Threshold serves at-risk youth experiencing homelessness, aging out of care, or fleeing violence in the home, and offers the first harm-reduction focused residential supportive recovery home for youth on Vancouver Island.

The support of the Britannia Legion would be invaluable as we continue to grow to meet the needs of youth in Greater Victoria. We appreciate member Matt Herman for connecting with us and inviting a letter. If you would like to learn more, we would be happy to come and share the Threshold story with your members.

All the best and thanks, Shannon W.. Director of Development

89 (Pacific Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron)

Capt. Rebecca F., CD, BA accepting the RCL Britannia #7 donation from Recording Secretary, Comrade Irene Harrison on behalf of  Commanding Officer, 89 (Pacific) Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron / Cadets and Junior Canadian Rangers Group,  Vice Chief of the Defense Staff / Canadian Armed Forces

 Aims of the Air Cadet Program

  • To develop in youth the attributes of good citizenship and leadership.
  • To promote physical fitness.
  • To stimulate an interest in the air element of the Canadian Armed Forces.

    Aims of the Air Cadet Program

3005 RCACC Parent Sponsoring Committee and 11th Service Battalion

Kelley S. of the 3005 RCACC Parent Sponsoring Committee and 11th Service Battalion accepting a token of RCL Britannia #7’s appreciation at our March 25 General Meeting!  She has accepted the cheque on behalf of Capt. Michelle W., Commanding Officer and presented by Comrade Adam Ranville, Treasurer/Finance Chair (RCL Britannia #7)

3005 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps is a youth program for those 12-18 years of age interested in leadership and citizenship, improving their physical fitness, and learning about the Canadian Forces.