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Royal Canadian Legion - #7 Britannia Branch (RCL #7)

Thank-You for Our Presidents efforts:

Post at the request of Marilyn Rose in response to our March 30, 2024 General Meeting:


I must say that in my mind, today, was the second-best accomplishment meeting I have attended since our decision to sell #7 property at Summit Street, under your leadership as our President.

At that earlier meeting, you clearly laid out the various options offered, and the end result was agreed by the majority of members.  I still believe it was the best decision at the time, and especially now, even more.

Your meticulous investigation of every aspect of our survival as a branch since then has been a herculean challenge, involving unmeasurable amounts of your time, intellect and sense of direction, above and beyond the call of a volunteer position. Your ability to research and understand administration procedures within our organization speak volumes to your commitment to our survival.

Today, as a result of your finding us a professional, forward-thinking treasurer, Comrade Bruce Elliot, it is my belief, that you have achieved success in ensuring that #7 can become an integral entrepreneurial part of our commitment to better serve Veterans, as well as our community,  as will be decided by our Donations Committee and the membership in general.  Kudos for another job, well done.  Thank you.

Marilyn Rose



Comrade Jennifer D.

Our Britannia #7 Poppy Chair, Comrade Marina DeSouza (on the left) recognizes many years of service by Comrade Jennifer D. as our Past Mall Supervisor at Mayfair Mall.  Jennifer has stepped down and she was presented with a RCL Aboriginal pin and a beautiful bouquet of flowers.  Thanks for your many years of volunteering, Jennifer! 

Comrade De Morris and Linda

As a Service Group, RCL Britannia #7 raises funds to donate to the community at large.  The branch relies on the volunteer services of many dedicated volunteers like; Comrade De Morris and Linda (a member of RCL Trafalgar Pro Patria # 292).  De and Linda assist with our Sunday Card & 50/50 Draws, a major source of our Gaming funding.  Without such volunteers (and there are too many to name in this recognition photo), we would not be able to raise Gaming funds to donate to the community at large.  These funds assisted other groups in this Community Involvement section; namely Threshold Housing Society, 89 Pacific Air Cadet Squadron and 3005 RCACC Parent Sponsoring Committee and 11th Service Battalion.  Thank you for your services!